Lyon city view, top of Radisson Blu hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon

Bocuse D'Or

Bringing together top chefs from all over the world, Bocuse d'Or is a biennial culinary competition where world-class cooks go head-to-head to be named tops in the trade. Held in Lyon for the past three decades, Bocuse d'Or has been described as the equivalent of the Olympic Games in culinary circles.

For a taste of Bocuse d'Or and all the culinary fineries Lyon has to offer, guests should check in to the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lyon. This hotel in Lyon, France, puts visitors close the stiff competition of Bocuse d'Or, plus allows for sightseeing in the city centre.

Enjoy the world's finest food at Bocuse d'Or in Lyon
The Bocuse d'Or culinary competition began in 1987 and quickly established itself as the premier event for food and drink in the world. Teams of chefs come from nations all over the world to prepare their finest dishes in the competition, with many extravagant displays for visitors to witness. Over time, Bocuse d'Or has expanded to competitions in other regions, though the Lyon event remains the centrepiece.

Competitors at Bocuse d'Or have five hours and 35 minutes to prepare their dishes, and spectators are always welcome at the events. Most of the food preparation, such as cutting vegetables and meat, must be done in front of the audience. Judges of Bocuse d'Or have included celebrity chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Heston Blumenthal.

Stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon for the competition
To see the latest cooking techniques and flavour combinations at Bocuse d'Or, guests will need to visit Lyon during the competition, which takes place in January. By choosing the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon for accommodation, visitors can see all the action at the competition, plus visit other local food institutions like the Lyon Food Market.