Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon

The Festival of Lights in Lyon

For a truly magical experience, visit Lyon during the city's annual Fête des Lumières, the Festival of Lights. The official date of the Fête des Lumières is the 8th December, but the celebrations take place over several days. The festival has been running since 1852 and each year the city welcomes 4 million people who participate in the event. During the festival, Lyon residents place candles on the windowsills of their homes and a whole range of light-themed events take place across the city. From the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière and Théâtre des Célestins to the Place de Jacobins, many of the city’s historic buildings are the lit up with spectacular light displays from a variety of artists. Each year, a choreographed light display is held each year at the Place des Terreaux. 

A pre-Christmas celebration

A visit to Lyon during the Fête des Lumières is the perfect way to warm up for the holiday season. As well as being able to enjoy the sights, and smell of cinnamon-coated candles burning, you can soak up the atmosphere of the festival at a number of different public events.

With a central location, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lyon has close proximity to Vieux Lyon and other attractions, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking to experience French culture, history and celebrations right before Christmas. The hotel is one of the tallest buildings on the Lyon skyline, perfect for enjoying panoramic views of the light displays from the top floors.