Lyon city view, top of Radisson Blu hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon

Lyon Food Market

Housed in a modern facility in the city centre, the Halle de Lyon Food Market gathers together the best butchers, cheesemongers and confectionists in the area. Known amongst foodies the world over, a trip to the Lyon Food Market never disappoints.

Culinary tourists can choose a room at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon in order to make the most of their trip to the city. Centrally located, this hotel makes the best choice for exploring Lyon's fine markets, plus attending star-studded culinary competitions like Bocuse d'Or.

Get a taste of Lyon at the Halle de Lyon Food Market
The Halle de Lyon Food Market pays tribute to master chef Paul Bocuse, also the namesake of the esteemed Bocuse d'Or chef competition. The market houses some of Lyon's finest food vendors, with tempting tastes waiting around every corner.

No tour of France would be complete without a sampling of the country's many fine cheeses, and the Lyon Food Market has hundreds of varieties to choose from. Guests can take away these delights, plus a smattering of confections available, including dozens of Turkish Delight flavours, exotic tarts and - foie gras macarons.

All the browsing tends to work up appetites, so many vendors serve fresh and hot food on the spot at the market. Roasted, herbed chicken makes for a great meal at the Lyon Food Market or guests can nibble away at the seafood selection and regional specialty escargot.

Choose the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon for a culinary holiday
Known as a centre of high-class cooking and food appreciation, Lyon makes perfect sense for a culinary destination. And, by staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon, guests can experience the best foodie destinations with just a short walk. This hotel in Lyon, France, will open up a world of flavour for even the most seasoned culinary travellers.