Lyon city view, top of Radisson Blu hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon

Old Town Lyon

There are plenty of great attractions to be found in the streets of Lyon but when Radisson Blu asked the public to vote for their favourite site in the vicinity of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon they chose the Old Town. A quick look at this intriguing area makes it obvious why this was the case.

Guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon are perfectly placed to enjoy the many attractions of the Old Town. The alluring area is just a short distance from the superior hotel allowing visitors to make the most of one of Lyon's true must-see attractions.

Walking through history
Lyon has a long and interesting history and this past has left its mark on the old town. Many of the finest buildings in the wonderfully disorganized streets were originally built by Italian silk merchants when the city was a trading powerhouse in the Middle Ages. In the Old Town these buildings sit next to stunning renaissance mansions and beautiful churches and cathedrals.

Now these ancient buildings are full of intriguing sights and sounds. There are numerous excellent restaurants and if visitors are set on doing some shopping in Lyon the Old Town also harbours some exciting opportunities. Tiny boutiques and interesting independent stores add to the unique character of the exciting area.

Spending a day in the old city
It is easy to spend a considerable amount of time exploring the streets of the Old Town in Lyon. Every narrow alley or winding throughway has the potential to reveal a hidden gem. History lovers, shoppers and food fans are all catered in the area's streets.

To fully enjoy a trip to Lyon and a visit to the Old Town, visitors will find the comfortable rooms on offer at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon are the perfect place to relax after a day in the city. The stylish hotel offers the sort of excellent service which can make a trip to Lyon truly memorable.