Lyon city view, top of Radisson Blu hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon

Discover the Old Town in Lyon

There are plenty of great attractions to be found in the streets of Lyon but when Radisson Blu asked the public to vote for their favorite site they chose the Old Town, Vieux Lyon. With ancient ruins and hidden surprises, like the Traboules du Vieux Lyon, it only takes a quick look around this intriguing area to see that it is the obvious choice.

Walking through history

Lyon has a long and interesting history and the past has left its mark on the old town. Many of the finest buildings in the wonderfully disorganized streets were originally built by Italian silk merchants when the city was a trading powerhouse in the Middle Ages. In Vieux Lyon, these buildings sit next to stunning renaissance mansions, beautiful churches and cathedrals. From the north, you can enter the area through the St. Paul Square.

Vieux Lyon was historically the city’s business district and evidence of the area’s past is still visible on the small streets of Rue Juiverie and places like Place du Change. When you are visiting, make sure you stroll down Rue Saint-Jean, one of the oldest streets, which leads to Cathédrale Saint-Jean. The cathedral is famous for the astronomical clock inside, which was installed in 1379. To the south, the Église Saint-Georges is a beautiful display of neo-gothic revival architecture.

Spending a day in the old city

It is easy to spend a considerable amount of time exploring the streets of the old town in Lyon. Every narrow alley or winding throughway has the potential to reveal one of the areas many hidden gems. History lovers, shoppers and food fans are all catered for. Walking tours of the area are available from locals who know where to find the area’s secret passageways that are scattered throughout the maze of winding streets. 

The alluring Old Town is just a short distance from the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lyon so you will be perfectly situated to explore one of the city’s true must-see attractions.