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Take a walk on the wild side at the Minnesota Zoo

From the majestic Amur tiger to the always-adorable red panda, the creatures at the Minnesota Zoo have been delighting guests for almost 40 years. Hop on board the monorail, which takes you throughout the park to admire animals like leopards, black bears, camels and bald eagles at a comfortable pace. After a ride through the zoo, take in a bird show or feed the penguins. If you’re feeling brave, watch one of the zookeepers feed the sharks. If you’re ready to be fed yourself, head to one of the zoo’s many restaurants, and then top off your meal with ice cream from Zoolicious.

Spend a day on the farm while at the zoo
Learn about how food gets from the farm to the table at the Wells Fargo Family Farm, where knowledgeable staff encourage kids to learn about some of their favorite animals. This hands-on section of the zoo features animals like cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits and horses. Kids can discover fun facts about the animals, including how to care for them.

Top events to catch 
Don't miss the animal shows and events that take place regularly, from feedings to educational presentations. Watch the scuba diving staff climb into the fish tanks and swim with the sharks as they feed them, and see the antics of the zoo’s feathered friends at a bird show. You can also see the penguins getting fed or visit the Wells Fargo Family Farm to watch a cow being milked. Check the zoo’s schedule to learn more about events like parties and live music throughout the year.