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Radisson Blu Hotel & Residence, Maputo


Once part of the mainland, Inhaca Island is now a separate sanctuary from everyday life and only a boat ride from the center of Maputo. This is an island where you can let time slip away as you stare out to sea, wade in the shallow water or nap on the sand.

The Perfect Getaway

This island is a great place to completely unwind, relax and recharge your batteries. With white, sandy beaches, crystal clear water and the Indian Ocean rolling in, you will find yourself in serene surroundings that will quickly have you forgetting the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Unique Coral Reefs and Uninhabited Micro-Islands

On Santa Maria Beach, on the south-side of the island, you will find perfect snorkeling conditions in the calm water. Here, you will have the chance to explore the world’s most southerly coral reefs, which are also why Inhaca Island and its surrounding pristine coral reefs have been dedicated a reserve to help preserve the unique marine life. If Inhaca Island itself is not secluded enough for you, you should explore the ‘Portuguese Island’ just a little north of Inhaca Island, which is uninhabited and has pristine sandy white beaches.

Good Tips for Inhaca Island

To reach Inhaca Island, you will need to take one of the ferries from the mainland. You can choose between the daily ferry, which will take about 3 hours, or one of the private, and slightly more expensive, ferries that will take you to the island in about 2 hours. There are no attractions or shopping at Inhaca Island, so make sure to bring everything you need for the day when you leave the mainland. If you arrive during high tide, you may have to wade through the shallow water from the ferry, so bring appropriate shoes and clothes.

This island getaway is the perfect place to spend a day relaxing and taking in the beautiful surroundings. Ask the reception at Radisson Blu Hotel & Residence, Maputo for more tips on what to see and do on the island and how to get there.