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Explore Medina Quarter

Marrakech’s Medina Quarter is a feast for the senses. Explore its honeycomb network of souks, sprawling food stalls and street theater of the Place Djema El Fna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get lost in the atmospheric alleyways and colorful markets of the Medina, with its grand Koutoubia Mosque, indulgent hammams, and secluded riad courtyards.

Exotic sights in the Place Djema El Fna

You’ll see everything from snake charmers to jugglers in the Place Djema El Fna, Marrakech’s open-air living room. The city’s citizens have been meeting here for drama and action for centuries, with the square used as a site for public assemblies. The area really starts to come alive in the late afternoon and evening, when locals come out for a leisurely stroll along with musicians, acrobats, fortune tellers and henna tattoo artists. Quench your thirst in the afternoon sunshine with a freshly squeezed orange juice, or find a nearby café terrace to watch the circus below. Stay around for the evening when the square turns into a massive al fresco dining experience, as food vendors from across the city hawk their grilled delicacies by the magical light of lanterns.

Shopping in the souks

Wander away from the Place Djema El Fna to explore the maze-like traditional Medina Quarter Market. You’ll find a network of traditional souks in the streets surrounding the main square, particularly if you walk north along rue Semarine or rue Mouassine. Dig through piles of lush textiles, woolen handicrafts, and fragrant spices for something special to take home. Each souk specializes in a specific product, whether it’s pointed leather slippers at Souk Smata or copper lanterns at Souk el Attarine. Marrakech’s souks are the largest in Morocco, and this thriving traditional market is one of the most famous in the world. They’re open 9am through 9pm every day, but the best time to visit is in the morning when the air is cool and the crowds have yet to arrive.

All of the hustle and glamour of the Old Medina Quarter is easily accessible from our Radisson Blu Hotel Marrakech Carrè Eden, only a ten-minute taxi ride away from the Place Djema El Fna. Get lost in this entrancing historic quarter and experience the magic of the city.