Aerial hotel view, white sand beaches and clear lagoons

Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa, Mauritius

The pristine beaches of Mauritius

You can taste the tropical paradise the second you land in Mauritius. With over 150km of coastline made up of golden sands there is no shortage of beaches on the island. Whether you are looking for romantic secluded beach to bask in the warmth of the sun, or are looking for a beach filled with sporting activities, Mauritius has it all.

Your own private beach

The Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa, Mauritius offers its own private beach and facilities. Just minutes from your hotel room, you will find yourself next to azure waters of the Indian Ocean where you can relax on the pure sands and take a dip in the warm seas. It is a paradise for active families with a wide choice of watersports to keep the big and small kids entertained for hours on end. Here you can choose from kayaking, pedal boats, snorkeling and glass bottom boat trips.

Bras d’Eau

If you want to venture a little further afield and see more of the island, there are numerous public beaches waiting to be explored. Whether you want to sit back with a cocktail and your favorite book and take the occasional swim to cool off, or want to try new water activities such as kiting, sea kayaking or scuba diving, the decision is up to you.

For nature lovers, Bras d’Eau beach on the east coast is ideal. It is set on a rocky outcrop, the remains of lava flow, and although not the best swimming beach, its beautiful setting makes it ideal for family picnics and beach activities. Venture into the national park that surrounds the area for hiking trails and a chance to see some native species to the island.

Grand Baie

Towards the north end of the island, you will also find the sheltered alcove of Grand Baie (Bay), a honey pot for tourists. The beaches are fully equipped with sunbeds and parasols and there is plenty of shopping and restaurants nearby. To top it off you can engage in all the water activities you could wish for. Neighboring this is La Cuvette, which offers lovely coastal walks. Pereybère lagoon is a family treat known for its smooth beaches, free from coral, and ideal swimming conditions.

From Radisson Blu the choice of nearby beaches is rich. Our staff are happy to help you with suggestions and directions in order to discover the island’s best beaches.