Radisson Blu Hotel, Mersin

Nearby Attractions

Mersin city center hotel's nearby attractions include international port
Whether you want to immerse yourself in culture at the Ataturk's House or examine the intricate architecture of St. Paul's Church, you can easily access these sites from our Mersin city center hotel's strategic location. You can venture on a fun day trip to Ladies Castle, just 50 kilometers away, or wander the streets at your leisure, admiring the many sculptures and fountains that adorn the town. Be sure to make time for a visit to the lively international port as well.
Nearby attractions:
  • Law Court - 200 m
  • Mersin International Port - 1 km
  • Mersin Convention Centre - 1 km
  • Ataturk's House - 2 km
  • St. Paul's Church - 25 km
  • Ladies Castle - 50 km