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Attractions Milan

A thoroughly modern city, yet one steeped in centuries of history, Milan has many attractions for guests to visit from throughout the ages.

Start exploring Milan's attractions with a stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Milan. This centrally located hotel in Certosa, Milan, places guests at the doorstep of the area's most famous attractions. Pay a visit to numerous attractions before resting up with a good night's sleep at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Milan.

Popular Milan attractions
With hundreds of attractions and sights to see, guests will want to fit in as much as they can while visiting Milan. Start by visiting popular Milan museums, and attractions such as:

Milan Duomo Cathedral
A towering structure in the city centre, Milan's Duomo is the largest cathedral in Italy and the fourth largest in the world. Fashioned in Gothic style, the Duomo took over 500 years to complete. Visitors can enter the cathedral and even visit the roof to inspect the intricate spires at a closer range.

Santa Maria delle Grazie
A church and convent in Milan, Santa Maria delle Grazie is perhaps best known as the home of da Vinci's The Last Supper, making it one of the city's top attractions. The church also features impressive 15th-century artwork, plus a stunning set of frescoes by Guadenzio Ferrari, titled Stories of the Passion.

Sforzesco Castle
Originally built for military use and as a residence, Sforzesco Castle now hosts a number of museums. This includes the expansive collection of the Sforzesco Art Gallery, which displays 230 masterpieces from throughout the ages.

La Scala Theatre
A regular stop-off for the world's most celebrated opera singers, La Scala Theatre has been an internationally recognized opera house since the 18th century. With a major renovation from 2002 to 2004, La Scala Theatre looks better than ever, and rates among the top attractions in Milan, both for its architecture and its performances.

Rest up at Radisson Blu Hotel, Milan
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