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Milan Museums

A city with centuries of history of art, culture and fashion, Milan has many museums for tourists to enjoy. Visit Milan's museums to gain a greater understanding of the region, its traditions and its art.

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Top museums in Milan
Home of The Last Supper and once to Leonardo da Vinci himself, Milan museums document the history of art and innovation in the city. Top museums in Milan include:

The Leonardo da Vinci Science and Technology Museum
One of Milan's most famous citizens, Leonardo da Vinci, now has an entire museum dedicated to his works of science and technology in the city. The museum focuses mainly on da Vinci's work toward transport engineering, but also celebrates his contribution in all scientific areas.

Brera Art Gallery
The Brera Art Gallery collects works from the Renaissance period of Italian art, including from Raphael, Bramantino and Bellini, at Palazzo Brera. The museum also features a number of other collections, featuring works from the time of the Italian restoration up to the 20th century.

Municipal Archaeological Museum
Housed in a former Benedictine monastery, the Municipal Archaeological Museum collects artefacts from Greek times, especially from their colonies in Italy, and Etruscan relics. Further items show the majesty of ancient Rome through mosaics and sculptures.

Sforzesco Castle Gallery
The collection at the Sforzesco Gallery includes more than 1,500 works, with more than 200 on display. The museum is divided in sections, with the first focusing on 15th- and 16th-century artists, including work by Titian, and the second showing work from the 16th through 18th century.

Museum of the Risogimento
This museum in Milan provides a unique perspective of the unification of Italy. Its exhibits begin with Napoleon's conquest of the area, leading through a Milanese uprising against the controlling Austrian Empire and through to the reclaiming of Rome by Italian forces.

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