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Milanese Food

Get the best of Milanese Food

Milan has a huge selection of traditional foods to get your mouth watering. With the obvious Italian undertones, the meals here are hearty. They are made to keep you full with mixes of pasta, rice, butter and creamy sauces. The flavors douse your taste buds in exotic cheeses, rich tomato and fresh herbs making seconds a must. Take a trip around the city and let your senses explore.

In search of something sweet
This city of art and culture is also known for delicious treats from the famous Panettone to the sweet and frothy coffee drink the Barbajada. The culture itself has traditionally not had a large focus on desserts, however, the Panettone is a Milanese cake that is known across the world. Often referred to as Christmas cake, this fluffy dome-like bread filled with raisins is best served, when served in Milan.

Not everyone agrees on the origin of the name Panettone, however a common belief is that a simple baker boy named Toni came up with the idea hence ‘Pan de Toni’ or Panettone. This treat, along with many others can be found in the street front stores of the city. If looking for a place to indulge your sweet tooth, head to Vicontea Milano or Clivati Pasticceria. Both of these are pastry shops you will never want to leave.

Eat your way through the city
When it comes to main dishes, Milan has endless recipes to satisfy all tastes. Cheese is a necessity and features in most dishes from the stunning Yellow Risotto to the delicious Polenta Uncia. You can find traditional food all across the city, but if looking for a truly authentic experience head to Bagutta. This 90-year-old restaurant is where the first Italian literary award was founded and has art and history oozing from its walls and dishes. Celebrities and top managers from all over the world come and eat here for the atmosphere, history and most of all, the excellent Italian food.

When sampling the flavors of the city, Radisson Blu Hotel, Milan invites you to enjoy a classic Italian dining experience at their Leonardo Restaurant. Each plate is a work of art inspired by da Vinci complemented by carefully chosen wines.