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Al Alam Palace

The ruling monarch of Muscat, Sultan Qaboos, has six palaces scattered throughout his kingdom but the most important of these is Al Alam Palace. Found deep in the heart of Old Muscat, this spectacular royal residence offers a tantalising glimpse into the upper echelons of Oman’s royal family.

The country is rich with attractive experiences for visitors; from Oman’s sun-drenched beaches to the magnificent Al Alam Palace. Guests enjoying the professional service and welcoming, comfortable rooms at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Muscat will find that it is the perfect base for exploring attractions.

The finest contemporary style
Al Alam Palace was built in 1972 and represents one of the most extravagant expressions of contemporary Islamic design in the world. The central building is a cube-shaped riot of clean marble surfaces, intricate patterns and bold colours. This centrepiece is flanked on either side by enormous wings and fronted by a long, broad boulevard.

It is an undoubtedly spectacular structure and leaves a lasting impression. This is why Al Alam Palace is traditionally the venue for important state visits. During its relatively short but important history it has hosted important international persons, such as Queen Elizabeth II.

Exploring Muscat
Al Alam Palace is one of the many incredible attractions awaiting visitors in Muscat, and it can give an incredible day out. The palace is surrounded by some of the most important buildings in Oman’s capital, many which are built with the same flourish as the palace itself.

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