Radisson Blu Hotel, Muscat

Sightseeing in Muscat

The capital city of the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat, is located on the Arabian Sea and is a wonderful locale in which to spend a vacation. Muscat is an exciting and distinctive port, and has many attractions for tourists to enjoy during their stay. Visit the old town, shop spices and antiques while haggling at a souk, check out Oman’s rich history in one of their many museums and experience the city like a local.

Discover some history
As a city with a long and colorful history, Muscat provides many historical and modern attractions for visitors to see. Discover more about the city's past at one of the many museums, such as the Omani Natural History Museum, the Museum of Omani Heritage and the Omani French Museum. One of the city's most notable landmarks is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, a contemporary Islamic structure built at the request of Sultan Qaboos and a popular attraction for visitors to the city.

Mutrah Souk, Fort and Corniche
When heading around the city, don’t forget to stop by Mutrah. Here visitors can enjoy the Souk, which is one of the oldest marketplaces in the Arab world and offers a wide selection of Omani artefacts, garments, jewelry and local produce. Up upon the hill is the Mutrah Fort, which offers excellent views of the city below and visitors also have the Corniche, a promenade with restaurants and cafes overlooking the port.

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