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Karura Forest

The green wilderness of Karura Forest

Just on the outskirts of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, lies the Karura Forest Reserve. This giant space covers around 2,500 acres of woodland, rivers and native African fauna. There is a huge marshland, which attracts migrating birds from across the world and plenty of tracks to get lost along. A visit to the forest is a lovely way to escape the busy city and relax either with the family or with your thoughts.

What to see in the woodland
There is an array of natural attractions to see in this urban-dwelling woodland. Walk among archeological dig sites, snap some photos of the 50-foot waterfall and walk among bamboo patches. Enjoy a moment at Lilly Lake, an abandoned stone quarry pond that is a hot spot for butterflies. You may be able to see some monkeys and will certainly see and hear some of the many birds that call this forest home.

Contribute to a green future
You will have to pay a small fee to walk around in this green respite, but you can do so with a smile knowing it goes to a good cause. The fee is needed in order to preserve this beautiful space, keeping it a clean and safe getaway from the bustle of city life. Once a forgotten space left in a state of disrepair, the park was saved by activists and is now protected. So a jog, walk or cycle around the tracks is helping preserve nature for future Kenyans and visitors. Don’t forget to wave at the rangers patrolling around, making sure to keep both the animals and visitors smiling.

Just a short drive from the Radisson Blu Hotel Nairobi, Upper HIll, this is an excellent place to recharge your batteries after a long day’s work and to discover some of the rich nature this country has to offer.