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Nairobi National Park

Explore the wildlife at Nairobi National Park

The Nairobi National Park gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy a safari without having to travel far and with no need to camp out to see the best animals. Being only 7.2 kilometers from the center of the city, this national park puts wildlife on your doorstep. A savanna of grassy plains and dry and wet forests encircled by the river, the park is a paradise for the animals that call it home.

A visit to this park is like mixing this naturally exotic land with the future Nairobi because the animals crawl the land with a backdrop of skyscrapers decorating the skyline. See 4 of the "big 5," including the endangered black rhino, as well as the lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra and over 400 species of birdlife.

Top tips for the trip
A visit can be treated like a day trip to the zoo, but this time you are the one enclosed in the safety of the safari van. You will want to bring binoculars, but you will get the chance to see animals up close as well. If you want to get outside and stretch your legs, then you can also take the Nairobi Safari Walk. Here you walk through the reserve up on a raised walkway, meaning you get a great view in safety. If you want to catch the best of the animals, then you need to be up early. Get there before the blazing sun chases the animals back into their resting places and you are guaranteed to see some of your favorite creatures.

For those who want a day trip in the enclosure, there are well-equipped places to picnic for a late breakfast after watching the animals eat. Visitors are welcome to drive themselves and pay at the gate or join a tour with the local drivers who have excellent knowledge of where to find the "big 5" and all about the 4-legged residents.

Get picked up right from the Radisson Blu Hotel Nairobi, Upper HIll and have a safari day. This wonderful country has so much wilderness to offer, you really shouldn’t miss it.