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Radisson Blu Hotel, Nice

Diversity Policy

The Diversity Label 2012 – 2013

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Nice is committed to developing and protecting diversity. In 2010 it became the 1st hotel in France to obtain the Diversity Label. Awarded by AFNOR, a French certification organization, the label recognizes companies that fight daily against any type of discrimination. This initiative also resulted in the hotel receiving a diversity trophy in October 2011. The hotel then created a Diversity Unit to consistently promote the equality of all. The hotel has incorporated awareness of societal challenges and sustainable development into its framework strategy, policies, commitments and corporate philosophy. For the hotel, recognizing differences as a source of wealth, creativity and quality performance is much more than a political, economic or marketing asset. The Diversity Label 2012 – 2013 includes the following:

  • Committing to new priorities such as integrating disabled employees and helping them keep their jobs, and further development of parity among staff members
  • Ensuring an ongoing social dialogue with all trade unions
  • Increasing awareness, training and communication about this commitment both internally and externally
  • Promoting employment for minorities through partnerships with associations or local missions
By developing these projects, the hotel is able to naturally and effectively mobilize customers, suppliers and employees. Hotel employees share a common conviction that diversity is a true source of strength.

All guests are invited to become an integral part of this dynamic program and to stand up in the fight against all forms of discrimination. Any witness to a discriminatory situation during a stay should write to the hotel’s diversity contact ( or contact the duty manager available at 7100.