Oslo Airport

Oslo Airport - also known as Gardermoen Airport - lies approximately 50 kilometres north of the city centre and welcomes millions of visitors to Oslo, Norway, every year. In 2009 alone, the airport saw over 18.1 million come through the turnstiles for holidays and business trips to Norway.

The airport has also been honoured four times over the years as the most punctual airport in Europe, delivering visitors travelling to Oslo or Norway's famously picturesque fjords right on time.

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Oslo Airport facilities
Oslo Airport is Norway's largest airport and primary facility for international travel, and hosts two runways and spaces for disembarkation for 52 planes, so most visitors to Norway filter through this travel hub. Upon arrival, visitors will find all necessary amenities, including car rental and the Oslo Airport Express train, which can bring you to the city centre hassle-free.
The airport's also an attractive architectural achievement, constructed out of handsome hardwood in addition to the standard metal and glass of most airports. Arriving in Oslo, you'll be welcomed as well by a number of sculptures by artist Per Inge Bjorlo.

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