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Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, Oslo Gardermoen


Just 18 kilometers outside Oslo, and a short distance from Oslo Airport Gardermoen, lies Lillestrom. The city’s history can be traced several hundred years back in time. The originally swamp area developed alongside the timber industry and Lillestrom became an important cultural center in Norway. 

Modern initiatives in Lillestrom

Lillestrom may be smaller in size when compared to Oslo but it has seen a number of changes recently to make it an exciting destination worth a second look. One of the things worth taking part in is the annual city fair, which runs for four days each year in June and features Norwegian musicians, plenty of food stalls and rides. In addition to being a great introduction to Norwegian music and culture, the Lillestrom city fair is also free of charge.

A place for culture

The Lillestrom city government has funded initiatives to reinvigorate the city's arts and cultural attractions, including the renovation of an old cinema and promoting performances at the Akershus Theater. Concerts, children’s theater, stand up shows and interesting talks are hosted at the Lillestrom Cultural Center. Here you can also find a nice café with a relaxed atmosphere, serving both lunch and dinner, in addition to snacks and drinks before and after all shows and concerts. Lillestrom also boasts art galleries, as well as an orchestra and various music clubs.

When staying at the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, Oslo Gardermoen you will be able to commute easily between the hotel, Oslo and Lillestrom, whether to experience Norwegian culture or tend to business during your stay. Lillestrom is a great leisure or business destination and definitely a great day trip if you want to try something else than the busy Norwegian capital. The Airport Express train delivers passengers right to Lillestrom train station on the way to Oslo, making it easy to hop on and hop off.