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Visit Lillestrom

Halfway between Oslo city centre and Oslo Airport, you will find a small city called Lillestrom. The city has a population of approximately 14,000, but has a relaxed town vibe and is rich in history, stretching back hundreds of years. Originally, the location was a swamp area and was thought to be uninhabitable. The city evolved when the timber industry emerged and workers settled close to their place of employment. Today, Lillestrom is an important cultural centre in Norway and is perhaps best known for its football team, in addition to a bustling cultural scene.

A modern city
Since it was granted city status in 1998, Lillestrom has evolved, and although it is a much smaller city compared with neighbouring Oslo, there are many things to see here. Byfest is an annual festival that takes place in June. With a wide variety of concerts, rides, food stalls and cultural events, it is well worth a visit. In addition to being a great introduction to Norwegian music and culture, it is also free. The local council have invested in order to revive the city's artistic and cultural attractions. This includes the renovation of an old movie theatre and performances at Akershus Theatre. There are also several art galleries and a brass orchestra that plays a variety of musical events throughout the year.

Attend a Norwegian football match
Lillestrom is probably most famous for its football team, Lillestrom SK, who have won both the Norwegian Premier League and the Norwegian Cup five times. Their avid fan base is known as the 'canaries' after the distinctive yellow team strip. If you are traveling through Oslo Airport and want to catch a local home game of Norwegian football, head to the Åråsen Stadium. Watching the passionate home crowd you will quickly become very engaged in the game.

With a room at the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, Oslo Gardermoen, Lillestrom just a short train ride away. It is the perfect place to return to whether you have been on an exciting game at Åråsen Stadium or a cultural evening in the city.