Radisson Blu Hotel, Oulu

Rotuaari Piknik

Rotuaari Piknik takes place every year in Oulu city centre, beckoning guests to the city with a programme of high-profile concerts. Visit Oulu during the Rotuaari Piknik for a lively atmosphere and to see top acts from around the world.

After all the excitement of Rotuaari Piknik, guests of the concert series will need a good night's sleep. The Radisson Blu Hotel, Oulu offers this and more, with its 221 rooms and suites, health and wellness facilities and a number of restaurants and bars. By choosing this Oulu accommodation, guests will enhance their visit to Rotuaari Piknik.

Details of Rotuaari Piknik
First held in 1999, the Rotuaari Piknik has been a staple of the Oulu cultural calendar ever since. The events draw thousands of visitors each summer, as Rotuaari Piknik is generally held over four days in early July.

The mini-festival brings in top performers from throughout Scandinavia and the world to delight audiences. Rotuaari Piknik features bands of many different styles, though most of the musicians can be considered pop or rock. The festival runs alongside other popular Oulu music events throughout the summer, which include Qstock and Jalometalli.

The organisers of Rotuaari Piknik also bring musicians to Oulu throughout the year for one-off performances and events, including a regular Christmas performance.

Stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Oulu for Rotuaari Piknik
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