Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague

Fine Art Studio - Malovani Kresleni

Art is everywhere in Prague, and spending time in the city might just make you want to explore your own creative talents. From eccentric street art and unconventional installations to modern sculptures and photography exhibitions, the city has plenty of artistic character. If you’re an avid art fan and love to create your own masterpieces, the fantastic Fine Art Studio Malovani Kresleni offers the perfect base for unleashing your imagination. You find the art center in the inspiring Art Nouveau area of Vihohrady, just a ten-minute walk from the Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel in Prague.

Art classes and workshops at the studio

The non-profit art center plays host to several stimulating classes with both semestral sessions, multi-day workshops and summer courses, so you can pick up some skills during your visit to the Czech capital. Classes are tailored to suit all abilities and interests, and are led by academic painters and sculptors, as well as architects and designers. Their guidance is friendly, professional and encouraging. For inspiration, the studio’s own Nová Galerie can be found across the street, showcasing and supporting Czech art.

Join a workshop

Malovani Kresleni is based in the bustling town center, and the atmosphere is nothing short of welcoming. Students can learn skills in landscape painting, figurative drawing, printmaking, creating the perfect portrait, oil painting and more. As well as painting and drawing, there are specialist subjects available; including painting restoration, pottery, fashion design, sculpture, computer graphics and architectural design. With different workshops tailored to children, teens, adults and seniors, it really is an exciting hub of creative activity, where talent is truly nurtured. There are classes that parents can attend with their children too, which is a unique way to bond and make some memories during your stay in Prague.

Take a look at the website to discover more details about the art tuition and see the schedules. Classes must be reserved, so contact the center directly to make a booking.