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The famous Lobkowicz Palace

Tucked inside the stunning Prague Castle complex is the privately owned Lobkowicz Palace and museum. This museum belongs to the Lobkowicz family and has stood strong through a great deal of historical events. When visiting the castle complex check out the museum, café and perhaps even attend one of their Midday Classic Concerts.

A day at the museum

Lobkowicz Palace attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. The museum displays a variety of historical and cultural artifacts, with paintings by Canaletto and Velázquez being some of its biggest draws. The collection's centuries old military weapons and original scores of work by Beethoven and Mozart are just a few of the palace's other main attractions.

Inside you can also learn about the history of the Lobkowicz family itself, which is one of the last surviving Bohemian noble houses. If you would like to be transported back to the past through music, grab some tickets to a Midday Classic Concert. Seated inside the palace concert hall you can enjoy the music while admiring the Baroque style architecture. Once done, grab a bite to eat at the Lobkowicz Palace Café.

A historical monument

This structure has seen a number of interesting events in its time. As it was built in the 1500’s it has survived both World Wars. Although it was confiscated during the Nazi, and then Communist, reign in the 1900’s, it made it back to the Lobkowicz family in the end. It also played a role in another important event, the Defenestration of Prague. In this strange occurrence, Catholic Imperial Ministers were thrown from the third floor window, as a form of execution by Protestant rebels. Fortunately, they survived and were given shelter in Lobkowicz Palace by the princess.

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