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Prague National Museum

The National Museum in Prague displays some of the Czech Republic's best collections of historical and scientific artefacts. The main building is located at one side of Wenceslas Square. This 19th century institution has been fascinating visitors for over a century and remains one of the country's most popular attractions. There are a number of buildings housing the National Museum’s collections. There is one main building, a new edition building and nine others across the city.

Exploring the Czech Republic’s top exhibits

The National Museum has almost 14 million items in its collection with the majority of its displays spread across its two main buildings. It is split into a series of departments that display a range of irreplaceable permanent and temporary exhibitions. The Department of Classical Archaeology tracks the development of the Czech people and contains priceless artifacts from the period of the country's formation. Some of the most popular items include 600-year-old weapons used in the Hussite rebellion, exquisite Bohemian porcelain from the 1700’s and a stunning 12th century silver tiara. The museum's collection of Czech coins and anthropological items are also worth checking out during the visit.

Other buildings in the group

If you are a history or art buff, then you might want to go and see some of the other buildings in the group. There is a museum of music and ethnography, and others housing temporary exhibitions, such as Bedrich Smetana Museum and Antonin Dvorak Museum. Also in the group is the Blue Room Memorial to Jaroslav Jezek and the National Memorial on Vitkov Hill.

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