Radisson Blu Hotel Ranchi



Step away from work and explore the beauty of Ranchi while staying at the Radisson Blu hotel. Thanks to a series of picturesque waterfalls within driving distance, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic or hike. Afterward, visit important religious sites like the stunning Jagannathpur Temple or the War Cemetery. If you’re traveling with family, you’ll find plenty of things to do at Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park; it’s rarely crowded and offers rentable golf carts for those with small children or accessibility needs.

Nature spots:

  • Ranchi Lake – 2.5 km
    Boat, sunbathe and relax at this popular lake. Be sure to stick around in the evening for the stunning sunset views.
  • Ranchi Hill – 6.2 km
    Perfect for hiking and rock climbing, Ranchi Hill features an elevated terrain for exploring. Don’t miss the temple located at the summit.
  • Tagore Hill – 6.2 km
    Climb to the top of this hill for an extraordinary, panoramic view overlooking Ranchi.
    Tel: +91 651 233 1828
  • Subarnarekha River – 16 km
    Meaning “streak of gold,” this river is believed to once hold traces of gold in its riverbeds.
  • Netarhat – 154 km
    Featuring lush forests and scenic hills, Netarhat offers some of the best sunrise and sunset views in the region.
  • Betla National Park – 174 km
    Home to bamboo forests and native animals, the Betla National Park offers entertainment for all ages. Adventure enthusiasts won’t want to miss the jungle safari excursions.
    Tel: +91 72220 15635

Temples and historic sites:

  • Doranda Jain Mandir Temple – 2.7 km
    Guests are welcome to pray and meditate at this popular Hindu temple.
  • Ranchi War Cemetery – 3.5 km
    Established in 1942, this well-kept cemetery is dedicated to fallen war soldiers.
  • Pahari Temple – 3.8 km
    Honoring Lord Shiva, this picturesque temple offers scenic views overlooking the city.
    Tel: +91 82529 49988
  • Jagannathpur Temple – 8.3 km
    Built on top of a hill, this picturesque temple offers awe-inspiring views of the city.

Family fun:

  • Rohit Aquarium – 3.1 km
    View a variety of fish on display at this aquarium.
    Tel: +91 93342 82812
  • Chotanagpur Fun Castle Ratu Park – 16.5 km
    Ride the go-karts, waterslides and other kid-friendly attractions at this expansive amusement park.
  • Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park – 21.8 km
    Tour the monkey enclosures, snake house, aviaries and rose gardens found at this expansive zoo.
    Tel: +91 94705 90734


  • Dassam Falls – 38 km
    Enjoy a leisurely picnic while gazing upon the cascading water at this popular waterfall.
    Tel: +91 651 233 1828
  • Jonha Falls – 35.4 km
    Travel down 722 steps to reach the base of this majestic waterfall.
    Tel: +91 44 6531 5613
  • Panch Gagh Falls – 38 km
    Be prepared to climb up a series of rock paths to get to this serene waterfall.
  • Hundru Falls – 45.2 km
    Noted as one of the highest waterfalls in the state, Hundru Falls is a must-see for tourists.
    Tel: +91 44 6531 5613
  • Hirni Falls – 67 km
    Cool off in the clear waters of this popular waterfall.