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Welcome to #BluRoutes for Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel, Riga

#BluRoutes are walking, running and cycling routes for guests to follow that start and end at our hotel. They’re planned by our team members to help all fitness enthusiasts, from amateur joggers to keen runners and cyclists, maintain their fitness routine. Along the way, you’ll experience the best running and cycling routes the local area has to offer. As an added bonus, Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel provides guests with a fully functioning fitness center complete with free weights, various cardio machines and a 24-meter indoor swimming pool.

Simply choose from the list below:

Running Routes

#BluRoute 1: Run With a View – 1.63 km
The shortest of all 4, this route is the perfect option for a quick run. Running around AB Jetty - one of the most popular recreational areas in the summer with various events, cafes and art galleries - will let you enjoy the beautiful panorama of Riga, including the towers of the Old Town, dazzling Sun Stone and industrial section of the Daugava.
Things not to miss on the way:
  • Culture and Arts Project NOASS - one of the oldest non-governmental arts and culture organizations in Latvia.
  • Sun Stone – the tallest building in Riga and the second highest in the Baltic States.
  • Panorama of Riga – in 2007, the Panorama and silhouette of Riga received the Label of the European Heritage.
#BluRoute 2: City Run – 3.99 km
This route involves the crossing of 2 bridges over Daugava  River - both Stone and Suspension Bridge, allowing you to cool down during hot summer days. Enjoy a view of the left bank of the river, which is entirely different from the iconic Riga Silhouette, but it still has its charm. Between the bridges lies 11th November Embankment, which is one of the city’s main avenues and has an amusing sidewalk running along the Daugava river.

Things not to miss on the way:
  • Great Kristaps – a copy of the wooden sculpture made around 1510 based on the legend about a very strong man who earned his living by carrying people across the river.
  • Riga Castle - this is one of the largest medieval castles in Latvia with a long and exciting history, which nowadays is the official residence of the President of Latvia.
  • Riga Passenger Terminal - serves cruise ships, ferries, super yachts, sailing yachts, navy vessels and other non-cargo ships.
#BluRoute 3: The Victory Park Run – 5.29 km
The longest of our running routes takes you through Victory Park, which spans a total area of 36,7 hectares. The main landscape of the park is the large Soviet Victory Monument, surrounded by lush open fields often used for active recreation activities, such as cross country skiing in the winter time, and roller skating and Nordic walking during the warm season. You can rent equipment for all of these activities right on the spot.
Things not to miss on the way:
  • Victory Memorial to Soviet Army - the monument consists of a tall, concrete obelisk adorned with 5 golden stars symbolizing the 5 years of WWII. On either side are bronze statues of Mother Russia and soldiers advancing with their weapons raised.

Cycling Routes

Rent a bike directly at the hotel, so you can do all your sightseeing on 2 wheels, which is good for you and good for the environment. For more information, visit the Sixt website.

#BluRoute 4: Around Latvia, Without Leaving Riga – 27.7 km
Check out the most interesting parts of Latvia while you work out. With assistance from the Virtual Runners Club, we've crafted this route to allow guests to enjoy a fun, interesting bike ride. All of the hot spots are marked on the map alongside pictures and a short description for your convenience.

Things not to miss on the way:
  • House of the Blackheads – a landmark of Riga Old City and the Latvian capital’s most magnificent edifice.
  • The Freedom Monument – a symbol of Latvia dedicated to the Latvian heroes in the fight for freedom 1918 – 1920.
  • Alberta Street - Riga’s Art Nouveau gem, full of splendid historical Art Nouveau-style buildings from one end to the other.
  • VEF Creative Quarter – various contemporary art exhibitions, concerts, poetry readings and other culture events are held in art galleries and cafes, which are located in the territory of former VEF factory.
  • Bikernieki Sports Complex – largest race track complex of its kind in the Baltics.
  • Grizinkalns / Ghetto Games – Ghetto Games is the largest street sports and cultural movement. Annually, it organizes more than 150 events throughout Latvia. Most of the events take place in Grizinkalns park.

If you need a map or if you have any questions, please contact reception.

Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel offers #BluRoutes for the convenience of its guests and makes no representations or warranties with regard to the safety or suitability of a #BluRoute. Guests using #BluRoutes assume full responsibility for all risks of loss, including personal injury. Please consult a doctor or physician before starting a workout program.