Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel, Riga

Creative Riga

In recent years Riga has grown into a hotbed for creativity in all its forms. The artistic scene is blossoming, attracting more and more young talents who are redefining creativity by embracing modern digital solutions. Riga’s cultural scene combines the traditional and the modern effortlessly, and here we shine a light on this exciting part of the city. Enjoy!

Spīķēri District (Repurposed warehouses) – 1.7 km

Spikeri neighborhood has a lot to offer for guests of Riga. Its many historic warehouses have been renovated and restored into a lively and trendy meeting point while keeping its historic spirit and features. The warehouse district now hosts media centers, consultancies, art cafés and a contemporary art center and hosts a multitude of events including the city’s largest flea market during the summer season.

Kalnciema Quarter (Wooden architecture, galleries and local markets) – 2.1 km 

The charming Kalnciema Quarter is characterized by romantic wooden houses, which are an important part of Europe’s wooden architecture heritage. The area, only 20 minutes away from the Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel, is worth a visit not only for its amazing architecture, but also for its market and cultural events. Every Saturday there’s a lovely market on the main square featuring stalls with handcrafted, homemade products from local farmers, restaurants, small craft breweries, or designers. If you’re traveling with your little ones, make sure to check out the activities for kids in the little apple orchard in the middle of the square.

Berga Bazārs (Elegant and sophisticated) – 2.3 km

As one of the more established neighborhoods, it impresses with elegance and beauty, combining shopping with residential areas. Its goal was to create a pedestrian-friendly, village-like enclave inspired by 19th-century arcades. It’s full of romantic arches and quiet corners, pleasant spots for fine wine and dining, exclusive fashion design boutiques and more. Perfect for a stroll or seeking refuge from the summer heat in the shade.

Kaņepes Cultural Centre (Art hub) – 2.7 km

A 30-minute walk from the hotel you’ll find a rustic building that has always played a major role in the city’s cultural history. Previously an important social venue for the German Baltic and Russian aristocrats and a favorite of the students of the city’s Art Academy, the building continues to keep up its reputation as a crucial hub for artists’ performances, film screenings and lectures, as well as alternative bands, DJs and musicians.

Miera iela (Hipster heaven) – 4 km

This is one of the parts of the city that is currently experiencing quite a renewal process. More and more young businesses and creative establishments are opening up here, and the neighborhood appeals with its bohemian, quirky feel. Many artists have embraced the area, which boasts streets that reveal a certain romantic, untamed charm, a multitude of artisan shops and art galleries, but also the chocolate factory and a museum. A lively area is mixing history with a new kind of energy that is a lot of fun to discover.

Creative communities (Come together…right now)

The high number of young creatives in Riga has brought about a number of co-working initiatives tailored to the needs of creative freelancers while building creative communities and fostering exchange. One of them is Techhub, which is located in the very heart of the picturesque Old Town, serving as a starting point and home base for start-ups. The Mill, on the other hand, organizes workshops and lectures. Birojnica, situated in Berga Bazars, is more of a classic co-working space. It provides creatives with office necessities such as printers or wifi and also hosts seminars and lectures.

Barber fever (The return of the beard)

Like many big cities, Riga is currently experiencing a big comeback of barber shops. One of Riga’s best is Wood Religion, which not only stands out through its stylish interior characterized by wooden tiles and Chesterfields but also its professional service. If you want a bit of a luxury experience and get your beard groomed by true experts while sipping on a glass of whiskey, this is for you.

Did we spark your interest? If you want to get a taste of Riga’s exciting creative side, Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel is the perfect home base to explore the city from.