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St. Peter’s Church in Riga

With a picturesque spire that marks one of the most striking features of the Riga skyline, St. Peter’s Church is one of the most impressive buildings in the Latvian capital. Towering high above the Riga Old Town, the cathedral has a long and fascinating history which places it at the top of any must-see list for visitors to the city.

A history of ups and downs

The first mention of St. Peter’s Church came in 1209 and over its long history the building has seen its share of changes. The church has been altered on several occasions to reflect different architectural styles, leaving the building with a unique blend of Romanesque and Baroque styles. However, some of the architectural changes have not been made by choice. The iconic tower that rises above the church collapsed in 1666. It was rebuilt over the next ten years, finally being completed in 1677. Unfortunately, fire struck the city in that year and again the tower came down. Another renovation was started but in 1721 lightning struck the tower and the ensuing fire destroyed the tower once more and another rebuild was required.

Taking in the views

The tower was damaged once more in 1941, during the second world war, but since then it has been fully rebuilt and renovated to include a 70-meter elevator. This transports visitors to a viewing platform which offers unparalleled views of Riga. In other words, this is not only one of the finest sights in the city, it also provides many of Riga’s most breathtaking views.

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