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Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock

University of Rostock

Stay with us during your tour of the University of Rostock

Founded in 1419, the University of Rostock is the oldest university in Northern Europe. Over its colorful 600-year history, the university has grown to become one of the leading schools in interdisciplinary scientific research.

Pope Martin V approved the building of the University of Rostock and 3 areas of study: law, medicine and philosophy. In 1433, Pope Eugenius IV approved a fourth area of study, theology. Today, the university offers over 70 different fields of study and places an emphasis on finding the relationships between these fields, connecting disciplines such as physics and the life sciences, oceanography and engineering, medicine and technology, and media and sociology.

A new standard of research

The University of Rostock has created 4 research lines that combine several disciplines for the purpose of solving today’s world problems. The Life, Light & Matter line connects life science researchers with those in atomic, molecular and laser optics research to produce a new breed of technology. The Maritime Systems line works toward a plan for future civilizations, bringing together law, engineering, oceanography, economics, agriculture and others. The Aging of Individuals and Society line reimagines what it means to grow old in today’s society and seeks to combine medicine and technology in a novel way. The Knowledge - Culture - Transformation line seeks to understand the role of media in society and its power to reshape the way we live.

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock is about 3 kilometers from the university, an ideal option for visiting the school. Our hotel has hosted a number of conferences and seminars held by the University of Rostock, and we continue to partner with the university to ensure your visit is a successful one.