Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock

Responsible Business - Let's take responsibility

Taking responsibility for the environment and local community has been an important part of Radisson Hotel Group's broader commitment to sustainable development for many years.

In 2001, this commitment was fortified and placed within the scope of a program called Responsible Business (RB).

Each hotel has a unique RB Action Plan covering the following 3 pillars:

  • Taking care of the health and safety of guests and employees
  • Respecting social and ethical issues in the company and the communities in which we operate
  • Minimizing our environmental footprint

With operations in 70 countries, keeping hotel guests and staff safe in sometimes risky local situations is an essential part of our business. We involve every employee at every level of the company in maintaining a safe and secure environment for all.

Responsible Business also means caring for the health and well-being of guests and employees. We offer our guests environmentally friendly amenities, work to increase the number of non-smoking rooms and promote the use of seasonal and local produce in our restaurants. We also believe in promoting our staff from within and are committed to giving every employee ample opportunities to reach their full potential.

Tourism development has a significant impact on local communities and environments. Our hotels protect the local environment and respect the local community in keeping with the original goal of tourism: to promote natural and historical attractions and honor cultural practices. In 2013 Radisson Hotel Group was recognized by Ethisphere as one of the world’s most ethical companies for the 4th consecutive year, and we were proud to receive this acknowledgment of our pledge to build our company on a solid ethical foundation and practice Responsible Business.

Think Planet is designed to help us reduce energy consumption by 25% by the end of 2016. It was launched as a company-wide project for all of our hotels during Radisson Hotel Group’s Annual Business Conference in London at the end of January 2012. Radisson Hotel Group hotels also have operational procedures in place to reduce the consumption of water and the generation of waste. Employee awareness is raised through dedicated training and communication campaigns. Investments in environmentally friendly technologies maximize savings as well as protect nature, making them good for business and the planet.

This Rostock lodging is also engaged with both local charity groups.