Attractions near Rudrapur hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel Rudrapur

Nearby Attractions


During your stay at the Radisson Blu Rudrapur, visit these exciting attractions nearby:

  • Gular Bhoj Dam – 25 km
    Experience beautiful waterfront views along this multipurpose construction, which supports the Rudrapur area by providing electrical service for a large portion of the region. Additionally, it provides irrigation for the Terai region of Bhabhar.
  • Haldwani – 35 km
    Known as the “Gateway of Kumaon,” this nearby city is home to one of the largest vegetable, fruit and food grain markets in Northern India. Historically a trading post and a connection between the hilly regions of Kumaon and the Indo-Gangetic Plain, it remains an important commercial hub for Uttarakhand.
  • Nanaksagar Dam – 60 km
    At a height of 16.5 meters, this embankment establishes a basin for the Ganga River, creating an artificial lake that helps generate electric power while also aiding local fish farming efforts.
  • Bhimtal – 65 km
    As one of the oldest established towns in Uttarakhand, Bhimtal is home to Bhimtal Lake—a popular tourist destination—as well as Vikas Bhawan, the building complex for district administrative offices.
  • Naukuchia Tal – 75 km
    Enjoy a full day of fishing, bird watching or watersport activities, such as rowing, paddling and yachting, when you visit this scenic lake just over an hour from the hotel.
  • Saattal – 85 km
    Take a day trip and experience the picturesque beauty of this network of freshwater lakes lined by a dense forest. The secluded setting provides a refuge for migratory birds and an ideal location for visitors to explore the quiet beauty of nature.
  • Jim Corbett National Park – 110 km
    Established in 1936 and named for famed conservationist Jim Corbett, India’s first national park spreads out across the Himalayan foothills. When you travel to this popular attraction in Ramnagar, you can fill your day with safari-style tours that offer an up-close look at wildlife, including tigers, elephants, wild boars and more than 580 species of birds.