Radisson Blu Hotel Papirfabrikken, Silkeborg


Hotel's location in Silkeborg city center is within walking distance of shops, restaurants

Located in the lakes region of Jutland, Silkeborg is approximately 40 kilometers west of Aarhus and is known for its exquisite waterfront. From the hotel's position in Silkeborg, city center museums, shops and restaurants are just a short walk away. The revitalized paper mill presides over the Gudenå River, its prominence recalling the mill's critical role in the city's economic past. The nearby train station provides delightfully convenient access to Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Silkeborg transport:
  • Buses provide the primary means of public transport in Silkeborg.
  • The Radisson Blu Hotel Papirfabrikken is just 60 kilometers from the Billund Airport and 40 kilometers from the Karup Airport.
  • Train service is available to and from Aarhus and Copenhagen.