Radisson Blu Grand Hotel, Sofia

Art Collection

The fabulous modern design of the Radisson Blu Grand Hotel, Sofia provides perfect background for the extensive contemporary art collection hosted there. Custom-made by the famous Bulgaria artist, Boris Deltchev, the corridor leading to The Studio restaurant is a piece of art in itself.

The hotel’s art collection features works by Zhang Huan, currently one of the world’s most famous Asian artists, whose art has been on exhibition at famous galleries such as MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and many more. Alongside, you will find “Homeless Man” by Yinka Shonibare, “Love is the Answer”, “Untitled” Jimi Hendrix collage by Mr. Brainwash and “Paper Drop (Roma)” by Wolfgang Tillman. The hotel also boasts the first and only hotel library in the world curated by Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans-Ulrich Obrist.

The finest examples of modern art from around the world are complemented with inspiring pieces by contemporary Bulgarian artists including Pavdoliub Ivanov, Rada Boukova, Valio Tchenkov and an exhibition from the Sariev Art Gallery that changes every 6 months.