Radisson Blu Hotel, Sohar

About Sohar Oman

Sohar is the capital of the Al Batinah North Governorate. The temperature here will leave you sweating in the summer with highs of 50 degrees Celsius and comfortable in the winter with averages just below 20 degrees. The city is full of life and has excellent beaches and attractions. It is also slowly becoming a hub for business and industry, due to its strategic location on the Strait of Hormuz.

Top Tourist Attractions and culture

The best place to go shopping in Sohar is the Safeer Mall. Inside this beautifully designed building, you will find not only plenty of shops, but also a kid’s area called ‘Fun City’ and spaces to relax. The food court has plenty of options including international favorites and a Carrefour supermarket for any other items you need.

Day trips
Oman is a diverse country offering not only excellent beaches and interesting architecture. Head on a day trip to other nearby attractions such as Al Ain Zoo in Abu Dhabi and meet white lions and other cool animals. The drive to Dubai is also only just over two hours, so you could easily spend a day there. If you want to explore a little more of Oman, then head into Muscat for a day or go to the mountain oasis, Wakan. Wakan is a beautiful village in the Hajar Mountains that gives incredible views over the region from its many hiking trails.

In Sohar you will find many different restaurants offering everything from Indian, Asian, vegetarian, Halal, Mediterranean and more. Most Omani food consists of Asian staples and is based on chicken, rice, fish and lamb. You should try the favorite, Kabsa also known as Machboos, which is a saffron infused chicken and rice dish, which is sure to fill you up. If you are longing for something from home, then head to the food court at Safeer Mall, where many international chains can be found.

Beaches and parks
When staying in Sohar you will want to spend some time at the beach to enjoy the unparalleled weather. You can also head to one of the main parks in the city to read under the shade or enjoy a picnic. Sallan Park is right across the river from the hotel and offers access to the beach. A little further to the south is Corniche Park, by the fish harbour.

Hotels in Sohar

When looking for a hotel in the region with a great location, you can’t go past the Radisson Blu Hotel, Sohar. With a room here you will get a beachfront location with direct access to one of the nicest beaches in the area. It is also situated about ten minutes from the Safeer Mall, Sohar Fort and Corniche Park.