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Marvel at Switzerland's artistic treasures at the Kunstmuseum in St. Gallen

Built in 1877, the Kunstmuseum in St. Gallen is an official treasury of Eastern Switzerland and is home to a rich, rotating collection of contemporary and modern art pieces as well as works dating back to the Middle Ages.

Among the resident collection, you might find masterpieces by Renaissance legends Bruyn and Bles alongside Baroque marvels by Barocci and Maratta. Your journey through the museum will reveal the modernization of art through the Golden Age, the masters of the 19th century and right up to thought-provoking modern pieces that are on display in changing group exhibitions. Due to limited available space, sections of the collection will be shown in changing presentations. An extensive presentation of the collection’s holdings is scheduled to take place after the renovation and expansion of the museum beginning in 2018.

Located just a 5-minute walk from the Radisson Blu Hotel, St. Gallen,Radisson Blu Hotel in St. Gallen, you simply can't miss the museum's grand, neoclassical-style building and the artistic wonders within. Alongside a diverse range of regular collections, there is also a program of seasonal guest installations from artists around the world.

St. Gallen, an artist's dream location
Because the Kunstmuseum is surrounded by other cultural establishments such as the Kinok theatre, this often leads to partnerships with neighboring venues, resulting in regular synergies and "Artist in Residence" collaborations.

The museum also shares its space with St. Gallen's Museum of Natural History until at least 2018, resulting in a wide range of displays showcasing pieces from throughout history. Whenever your holiday in St. Gallen is, you can be sure that the museum will be featuring something insightful or perhaps a little unexpected.

Learn more about the Swiss arts
Gain in-depth insight into Switzerland's rich art history with a guided tour or a walk through the house with the director, take part in art appreciation groups over cake and coffee, enjoy interesting encounters at artist’s talks, and experience many other events. Visitors will also discover a wealth of different opportunities in our educational programs at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen.

Be sure to check the museum site to find out when the next class takes place or to book a guided tour of the museum.

Kunstmuseum St.Gallen
Museum Strasse 32
CH-9000 St.Gallen

Tel: +41 71 242 06 71
Email: info@kunstmuseumsg.ch