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Radisson Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg

Hotel History

Discover an 18th-century city with Radisson Royal Hotel in St. Petersburg

The hotel has a prime location on the main street of St Petersburg – Nevsky Prospect. Situated in the very heart of the city, the hotel is only a short distance from all major cultural and historical attractions such as the Hermitage, the State Russian Museum and the Mariinsky Theatre. Many shops such as Gostiny Dvor and Passage are within walking distance from the hotel.

Dating back to the mid 18th century, this historical building in the center of St Petersburg experienced a colorful history of more than 200 years. Cultural and major public events played their essential part in the building’s past. The interior was reconstructed in the year 2001 and the original façade was restored to its former glory, retaining original features – many of which are almost 300 years old.

We do not know the exact construction date of the building. It could be one of the first edifices in the area, already standing by late 1730s, when this section of the city was a less-than-aristocratic neighborhood.

In 1790 a Spice Merchant by the name of Barbazan rebuilt the building in popular Classical style, but the craftsmen who tried their hand at its facade did not efface the work of their predecessors. Today we are proud to welcome you at the restaurant named after him.

Traditionally, the evocative setting and the atmosphere of historic St. Petersburg attracted people of the art. Many famous Russian people were related to this historical building such as Mikhail Glinka, writer Nikolay Nekrasov, Alexander Pushkin, Anton Chekhov, Vasiliy Surikov.

In 1828 – 1829, when the house belonged to the Princess Shakhovskaya, the famous Russian composer, M. I. Glinka stayed there. Returning from Warsaw as an internationally well-known composer after a 20-year absence, Glinka was once again a guest. Performing in his comfortable apartment, he held concerts, which became popular throughout the city.

In 1879, a 2nd-guild merchant A. M. Ushakov acquired a house at 49 Nevsky Prospect. He had reconstructed the building into a hotel that immediately became one of the city’s most fashionable and well-appointed locations. The best rooms were exclusive, expensive and offered all necessary facilities for the guests of the upper-class society.

For several years after the Revolution, the “Hotel Moscow” remained one of the city’s premier hotels. But it was closed in the late 1920s. Yet the restaurant of the hotel continued to operate and even expanded. In the Soviet era, the former hotel building housed the most popular in St. Petersburg bohemian art-café “Saigon”, the meeting point for musicians, artists, poets, among whom the future Nobel prize-winner Iosif Brodsky was a regular visitor.

The building on 49 Nevsky Prospect is under state protection as an example of architectural Classicism, and the last restoration project met all preservation requirements. The facades were reproduced as they had been in the 1880s, with carved decorations and original colors restored. Radisson strives to recreate the former atmosphere of the hotel, combining classical style with modern convenience to create a comfortable, exclusive and relaxing ambiance. Located in the very downtown of the city with easy access to museums, restaurants, boutiques and business centers, the Radisson Royal Hotel is perfect for both tourists and business travelers.

Stay at the Radisson Royal Hotel gives an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of some of Russia’s greatest artists and historical figures.