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Radisson Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg

Mariinsky Theatre

Mariinsky Theatre dates as far back as 1783 and has famously staged premieres of some of the most renowned classical musicians in the world, including works by Tchaikovsky. This architectural marvel in St. Petersburg is so highly regarded that the street it sits on is named after it: Theatre Square. The theatre has had a changing history over the years, but one thing has remained the same, and that is the magical musical performances that are produced here. Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg has just undergone the next phase in its life, and that is the much-awaited opening of Mariinsky II.

Mariinsky Theatre II
St. Petersburg has been eagerly anticipating the opening of Mariinsky II. The beginning of this new era for the Mariinsky II started with celebrations in May 2013, making it the leading theatre and concert venue in Russia. The Gala Opening brought together musicians, opera singers and ballet dancers for a celebration over several days. The celebration was a tribute to the incredible 200-year history of this great Russian legacy. The opening of Mariinsky II also displays the strength of the Russian arts on a global scale.

Mariinsky II is one of the largest theatre venues in the world and has a total capacity for 2,000 people. This grand theatre is home to Mariinsky Ballet, Mariinsky Opera and Mariinsky Orchestra, all Russian institutions. The new theatre has educational facilities for children and a rooftop amphitheatre with incredible panoramic rooftop views over the city of St. Petersburg.

The main auditorium is horseshoe shaped with balconies over three levels and is designed to promote great acoustics, viewing and comfort for theatre guests.

Historical accommodation near Mariinsky Theatre
Mariinsky Theatre is a must-see St. Petersburg attraction for anyone who is interested in dance, music and theatre. The theatre is within walking distance from historic St. Petersburg hotels, such as the Radisson Royal Hotel, an 18th-century hotel which was fully reconstructed in 2001. Take advantage of comfortable and stylish rooms and Barbazan Restaurant during a theatre visit to St. Petersburg.