Radisson Blu Hotel Toulouse Airport

Airbus Toulouse

Toulouse may be a city steeped in history, but it's also home to one of France's most successful companies: Airbus. Airbus is a leading European aerospace company, with its headquarters in Blagnac, Toulouse - right next to the Radisson Blu Hotel Toulouse Airport.

Guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel Toulouse Airport can organise tours of key Airbus sites with Taxiway, a specialist in scientific and industrial tourism. These tours offer accessible and interesting insights into the operations of one of the world's most famous aerospace innovators - all near to this airport hotel in Toulouse.

Airbus sights in and around Toulouse
Taxiway offer tours of three main Airbus sites in and around Toulouse. The Airbus Heritage Tour lasts 90 minutes and offers an exclusive look at the first passenger aeroplanes. These include Caravelle - one of the world's first jetliners - and the iconic Concorde, which guests can board and explore.

The Jean Luc Lagardere tour provides an overview of the Airbus A380, the world's premier double-decker aeroplane. From an observation tower, visitors can see the testing stations at the Jean Luc Lagardere site. Finally, tour members can board a full-scale model of the A380 to take a closer look at its features.

For a comprehensive overview of Airbus and its operations, Taxiway also offers the Panoramic Tour of Airbus sites in Toulouse. People on this tour will embark on a guided bus tour through 700 hectares of Airbus sites, including Airbus headquarters and assembly lines.

Stay in close proximity to Toulouse Airbus
Guests visiting Airbus on business or pleasure will find the Radisson Blu Hotel Toulouse Airport ideally situated near the company. We offer exquisite accommodation in Toulouse which is just one minute from Toulouse Blagnac Airport and a few minutes from Airbus headquarters.