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The International Festival for Historical Fiction Films

The Radisson Blu Toulouse Airport is proudly partnering with the FIFFH (The International Festival for Historical Fiction Films) and is happy to support an event and a project that promote culture, history and education.

Main focus of the festival: History

Its main focus is indeed history in all its diversity as the festival is aiming at exploring major historical events, unveiling events that remained secret or unknown or presenting characters who have influenced their times. Looking at the School Selection 2017, one will be struck by the variety of subjects and themes: Slavery (Bois d’ébène by Moussa Touré), the fall of the Byzantine Empire (La chute de Constantinople by Pierre Lergenmüller), the First World-War (La Peur by Damien Odoul), the French Résistance during WW2 (Le Grand Georges by François Marthouret)

Prestigious guests

Every year, the festival is happy to receive prestigious guests belonging to the family of French and international cinema. In 2016 for instance, numerous film makers (Coline Serreau, Denis Malleval, Stéphanie Pillonca), producers (Jean Mach, Michel Spavone) and renowned actors such as Lambert Wilson, Vincent Perez ou Bernard Le Coq were present during the different projections.

A Festival close to its region and to its public

The FIFFH wants to be a festival which is truly open. Open to the entire region as numerous projections, exhibitions or talks are planned and will raise the awareness throughout the entire Midi-Pyrénées region and beyond.
Also by programming movies in middle and senior high schools, the Festival wishes to sensitize the younger audiences to cinema as well as history.

Selection and awards

The Festival will propose two different types of selections: the School Selection and the Public Selection. Each year, the jury composed of movie professionals will award five different prizes: Best Scenario, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Movie and a Special Prize.

Practical information

Whether you are participating to the festival or are a cinema fan, the Radisson Blu Toulouse Airport will be delighted to welcome you. Do not hesitate to contact our Reservation Department: Tel: +33 (0)5 611 618 22, E-mail: resa.toulouse@radissonblu.com
In 2017, the festival takes place from September 25th to September 30th. For more information: FIFFH.


The Radisson Blu Toulouse is located just one minute from the airport (free shuttle available) and fifteen minutes from the center of the city. Do not hesitate to consult the location map.