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Rockheim Trondheim

Delve into music history at Trondheim’s cutting-edge rock and pop museum, Rockheim. Dedicated to the collection, preservation and cultivation of Norwegian popular music, this is one Trondheim attraction music fans will not want to miss.
Open since August 2010, Rockheim is fast becoming one of Norway’s most significant cultural establishments. Located in Brattørkaia, Trondheim’s harbour area, Rockheim is housed in a converted grain factory. The colourful and constantly changing façade of Rockheim’s distinctive building alludes to the captivating experience you will discover inside its walls.
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Rockheim: A unique cultural experience
Step inside Rockheim and you will soon discover it is not your typical museum. At Rockheim, you are encouraged to touch and play with everything. Create your own musical experience in an interactive, virtual world using sound, images and films.

Be taken on a musical journey through Norwegian rock music and pop culture from the 1950s to the present at Rockheim’s permanent exhibitions. Play in the Experience Rooms and have a guitar lesson from a digital Ronnie Le Tekro of TNT fame, master your hip hop mixing skills or experience the sensation of being onstage playing to thousands of screaming fans. Visitors can also check what’s on at Rockheim’s very own concert venue or absorb themselves in rock literature at the impressive media library.

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