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St. Olav Festival

Visit Trondheim in the summer to take part in Norway’s biggest cultural celebration, the St. Olav Festival. Held each year from 28th of July to 5th of August, the festival makes sure Trondheim puts on a triumphant show to honor Norway’s patron saint, St Olav. Olav Haraldsson died in 1030 in the battle of Stiklestad, while attempting to unite and Christianize Norway. He was later beatified after miracles occurring surrounding his remains. In 1070, the Nidaros Cathedral was erected over St Olav’s grave and became an important Christian pilgrimage sight and remains so today, being the country’s national sanctuary. The dramatic cathedral now stands at the center of the St. Olav Festival celebrations.

What’s on

The Nidaros Cathedral and its surrounding area bustle with activity during the festival. The celebrations kick off with a traditional Olav vigil, where services and prayers are conducted from late evening until early morning before St. Olav’s Day 29th of July. As well as religious proceedings, central Trondheim becomes abuzz with concerts, a re-enactment of the Stiklestad battle and other colorful plays, lectures, exhibitions and more.

Medieval market

A lively medieval marketplace pops up in the courtyard of the Archbishop’s Palace for the duration of the festival. Wander through the stalls and pick up handmade goods, food and souvenirs while soaking up the jovial atmosphere, accompanied by music and entertainment. Overlapping with the festival is the food festival Trøndersk Matfestival and the brewery festival Bryggerifestivalen. Browse the many interesting food stalls and attend fun and educational events, happening at the Trondheim Torg Square in the city center.

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