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Hegra Fortress, Norway

Visit Norway’s Hegra Fortress and discover how events here ignited hope amongst a nation suffering the grips of war.

Located in the small village of Hegra in the Stjørdal region of Norway, the Hegra Fortress is one of the area’s most important historical attractions. Wander through the stony corridors, tunnels and quarters of the old fortress and its museum for captivating stories of national heroics.

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The history of Norway’s Hegra Fortress
Built between 1907 and 1910, the small mountain fortress was originally a defence against a perceived Swedish invasion. Several years later, when no attack from the east ensued the Hegra fortress was taken out of operative service.

It wasn’t until 30 years later that Hegra Fortress became famous all over Norway and internationally. In April 1940, German forces invaded Hegra. They met with a defending force of 200 men and one woman, led by Major Hans Reidar Holtermann, who managed to stand firm against the powerful German onslaught for a full 26 days.

Hegra Fortress: A national symbol
Today, the Hegra Fortress stands as an important symbol of Norway’s resistance and bravery during the siege of 1940. While staying in the convenience of a Trondheim Airport hotel, add the Hegra Fortress to your itinerary.

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