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Turku Archipelago

For a refreshing escape during your time in Turku, visitors should retreat to the islands in the city's archipelago. Many of the islands are inhabited, but some can be visited in privacy and seclusion, so you can get back to nature.

After a peaceful day out among the islands of the Turku Archipelago, return to an equally peaceful night at the Radisson Blu Marina Hotel. This hotel in Turku offers guests upscale accommodation in any of 184 rooms, plus a full fitness and leisure facility, and a selection of bars and restaurants.

Features of the Turku Archipelago islands

Outdoorsy types can easily spend at least a day exploring the various islands of the Turku Archipelago. Thousands of islands dot the coast of Finland, with many within the Turku city limits. Boating tours regularly visit some of the outlying islands of Turku, or more adventurous souls may want to head through the archipelago on their own.

The inner islands of the archipelago have woods and rich flora, closely resembling the interior mainland of Finland, while smaller, outer islands may have no trees at all.

Four islands of the Turku Archipelago - Ruissalo, Hirvensalo, Kakskerta and Satava - have settlements, also making them interesting places to visit. Traditionally populated by fishermen, sailors and traders, these archipelago islands have cultures different between themselves and the Finnish mainland.

Rest after a day's exploration at a hotel in central Turku

After a day in the sunshine exploring islands in the Turku Archipelago, you will want a comfortable hotel room to relax in. The Radisson Blu Marina Hotel offers excellent Turku accommodation to this end, with exquisitely decorated and furnished rooms, plus specially designed Magic Dreams beds for the perfect night's sleep.