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Activities for Business Groups


Plan an exciting team-building event in the area for your business group. The beautiful natural surroundings of Turku provide just the environment for growth and camaraderie.

Sights of the River
Sights of the River is a guided walking tour along the banks of the Aura River. During the tour, guests hear a comprehensive presentation on the history of Turku, of Turku Castle’s golden era and of navigation to the present day. You can enjoy a mini-cruise on the Föri river ferry from Turku to Åbo, along with sights like Wäinö Aaltonen sculptures, the Pharmacy Museum, Rettig Palace, Old Great Square and Turku Cathedral. Those with energy remaining can then climb the cathedral’s steps for a beautiful view. The tour takes about 2 hours, not including museum visits, and can be taken any time of year.

Forum Marinum - Gateway to the sea
Forum Marinum is a lively and versatile center for maritime activities, comprising a national museum of navigation and the Finnish Navy Museum. In addition to the basic exhibition, during the summer months several museum ships, such as the Keihässalmi minelayer, the Suomen Joutsen full-rigger and the Sigyn barque, are also open for viewing for an additional charge. The tour lasts 1 – 2 hours.

Paradise Island
Äijälä Estate, situated at Röölä in Rymättylä, and the beautiful 132-hectare archipelago offer an excellent setting for leisure activities throughout the year. Paradise Island has 3 spacious villas and smoke saunas, and there are 2 log cabins on the more intimate Little Paradise Island. Go hiking or indulge in enjoyable games on the seashore. Winter activities include ice fishing and kick sledding. Guests can relax and freshen up in the sauna or go swimming before returning to the hotel. The boat trip from Turku takes about 1 hour, and by car the 40-kilometer journey takes a little over 30 minutes. Paradise Island is open all year.

Turku Castle: Torture, death and ghosts
A macabre tour of Turku Castle transports visitors into the gloomy depths of the past. During its 700-year history, the Castle has often been a scene of war. Death sentences were passed for those accused of forbidden love, witchcraft, treason or infanticide. Now, from the lips of the guide, guests can hear tales that are rarely told. One of the castle ghosts might also make an appearance! The tour duration is about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Turku Castle: Traffic
Experience the everyday life of women of the past at ancient Turku Castle, and experience a day in the life of Mrs. Fatabur. This active tour includes running, carrying, stretching and climbing hundreds of steps. Participants will even have to climb to the top of West Tower to escape the enemy. Men are also welcome to enjoy this unique, 1-hour combination of history and physical exercise.