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Brain Food for Meetings

Brain Food is a new concept developed by Radisson Blu for meetings and conferences to help maintain delegates’ concentration levels during events. The concept is based on serving food that keeps blood sugar levels stable and supplies optimal nutrition for the brain, providing benefits for both delegates and meeting organizers alike.

Meeting delegates often experience a "sugar crash" after lunch, and this is generally temporarily resolved by placing a bowl of sweets on the table. This is something we would like to avoid by helping delegates achieve more stable blood sugar levels and by providing a delicious culinary experience throughout the day.

The 6 Brain Food Principles

1. Lots of fish, wholegrain products, fruit and vegetables
2. Primarily fresh, locally sourced ingredients
3. Pure ingredients with minimal industrial processing
4. Less meat and always a maximum 10% fat content
5. Natural sweeteners and never more than 10% added sugar
6. Focus on good taste and satisfying the senses