Experience the thrilling new rooms and lounge at Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel.
Hotel room with desk and city view

Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, Turku



Our well-appointed rooms and suites feature classic Baroque style with hardwood floors and gold-framed mirrors. Warm and inviting décor is accompanied by useful amenities and services characteristic of Radisson Blu. Use our convenient One Touch Service to request relaxation or sleep aids, such as a back and foot massager or earplugs, which will be brought to your room free of charge. You can also request a wake-up light from hotel reception for a gentle waking experience.

To ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, the Radisson Blu hotels in Finland have developed the Blu Dreams® experience. Our Magic Bed® uses an intelligent foam mattress, which conforms to the individual sleeper by responding to body temperature and weight. You can complete the customization by choosing your own pillow and duvet from our wide selection.