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Linnaeus Garden

Carolus Linnaeus was one of Sweden’s greatest intellectuals and a much loved personality. The Linnaeus Garden celebrates his passion for the botanical world. The garden belongs to Uppsala University and was first cultivated in the 18th century with Linnaeus’ own choice of brightly coloured plants and fragrant herbs.

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Carolus Linnaeus – a Swedish Cultural icon
Linnaeus is often called The Father of Taxonomy and it is true his first love was for classifying all living things. His book, the System Naturae, is still used today by botanists. He was well known during his time as a professor at Uppsala University and inspired a generation of students. He helped many of them join expeditions to the four corners of the globe collecting exotic botanical specimens. His most famous student was Daniel Solander who became the naturalist on Captain James Cook’s first voyage of discovery aboard the Endeavour.

Linnaeus continued to develop his extensive system of classification from Sweden. He was sent plant and animal specimens from all over the world by botanists keen to help him develop his ideas. This natural wonder dedicated his whole life to trying to understand what he saw as God’s universe through placing God’s creatures into an ordered system. His clear thinking produced a system that is so simple it has endured for 400 years.

Accommodation in Uppsala Sweden
The Linnaeus Garden and museum is open from May to September, Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm. Visiting the garden from a Hotel in Uppsala Sweden is made simple by booking in to the Radisson Blu Hotel, Uppsala.