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Gediminas Castle Tower

Gediminas Tower is a must-see for visitors. This tower is the only remaining parts of the Upper Castle. It displays its flag with the coat of arms of Lithuania which is a symbol of Vilnius.

As the legend goes, the wooden castle was first built by the Duke of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Gediminas, after he dreamt about an iron wolf howling on top of the hill. However, after the fire burned down the wooden castle, it was rebuilt in 1419 by the Grand Duke Vytautas, but this time it was made out of stones and bricks.

The top of the castle can be reached by foot or by the funicular that will take you straight up to the pinnacle of the hill. Tourists visiting Gediminas Castle Tower will not only experience a great historic building but will also have a chance to take some amazing photos; the hill offers a panoramic view of Vilnius' Old Town.

Visit Gediminas Castle Tower
Gediminas Castle Tower is one of the many great attractions within easy reach of the Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, Vilnius. Reserve a room at the Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel and access Gediminas Castle Tower within a 15-minute walk.