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Museum of Genocide Victims

Visit the Museum of Genocide Victims and see a piece of Lithuanian history with your own eyes. The museum opened its doors in 1992 after the Soviet Union broke down and Lithuania got back its independence. It’s within the same building where the headquarters of Soviet security services (best known as KGB) functioned from 1944 – 1991, during which time the SSRS or USSR occupied Lithuania. After the Soviet security men fled the country in 1991, the building became a museum of the 50-year-long Nazi and Soviet occupation. It now teaches the present generations about the history of 1940 – 1991 and about the tragic events the country outlived.

Visit the Museum of Genocide Victims
For those who are interested in the history of Lithuania and East Europe in general, the Museum of Genocide Victims is a great place to see firsthand accounts of actual events from the Nazi and Soviet Union occupation. The Radisson Blu Royal Astoria Hotel, located in the Old Town, is within walking distance of this historic building that tells the tragic history of this small nation.