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Pilies Street

Pilies Street is one of the main streets in the Old Town of Vilnius. It is frequently the site of local festivals, and its variety of cafés and bars draws tourists and Lithuanians alike. Pilies Street is a rather short street running from City Hall Square to Cathedral Square.

The street is rich with local architecture, as it was the main road to the castle. That’s why in all of Vilnius, Pilies Street is the most popular location for market traders. Every year the avenue holds Kaziukas Fair, where local folk artists gather to sell their work. The festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from Lithuania and tourists from abroad interested in local Lithuanian goods. Even outside of Kaziukas Fair season, the street draws people looking for authentic gifts and souvenirs from Lithuania.

Visit Pilies Street
Pilies Street offers authentic architecture and a different kind of entertainment. Walking down the thoroughfare, it is easy to reach all other central attractions, such as Gediminas Castle Tower, Cathedral Square and the Basilica. If it is important to be in a central location where everything is easily reachable by foot, plan to stay at the Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, only minutes away from all the touristic attractions.