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Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel, Warsaw

Jewish Quarter

Before the Second World War, Warsaw's Jewish Quarter was home to the largest Jewish community in Europe. During the war, Warsaw's Jewish inhabitants were forced by occupants to live in one designated district, known as the Warsaw Ghetto.

Only small remnants remain of this infamous district, and modern day Grzybowska Street and Grzybowski Square form the southern part of what was once the Jewish Quarter. The Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel, Warsaw, lies just in the centre of the old Jewish Quarter, providing guests with easy access to the area's rich cultural and historic heritage.

Grzybowska Street and Grzybowski Square
Grzybowska Street and Grzybowski Square, part of the old Jewish Quarter and the Warsaw Ghetto, became a forgotten area of the city for many years. Today, however, their buildings are adorned with pictures depicting the history of the Jewish Quarter, which is now a centre for Jewish culture and education.

Visit the Ester Rachel Kaminska and Ida Kaminska State Jewish Theatre, the only institution in the world that regularly features plays in Yiddish. Gain a better understanding of the Jewish ghetto uprising at the Warsaw Rising Museum. Step back in time at the Festival of Jewish Culture - or Singer's Warsaw - an annual event that attempts to recreate pre-war Jewish culture, with workshops, kosher food, singing and dancing.

Explore the Old Jewish Quarter from the Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel, Warsaw
Visitors wishing to make a pilgrimage to the old Jewish Quarter will find this Warsaw hotel a comfortable and convenient choice. Located a mere kilometre away from the Jewish Quarter, and close to many other Warsaw attractions, the Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel, Warsaw is the ideal base for anyone wanting to discover more about the city's Jewish history and culture.